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Welcome to Switzerland

We hope you have a wonderful time in Switzerland. Have you noticed what a breathtaking place it is? Just open your eyes and admire the majestic mountains and the clear blue lakes.


God has made all of this so beautiful and extraordinary, just as He made the country you come from. We would like to share with you the beauty, the uniqueness, and the history of Switzerland.

Are you interested in finding out how God has transformed this country through people who trusted in His Word and followed Him?. At this website, you will find out more about Switzerland and about God’s plan for each one of us.

We hope you enjoy your time in Switzerland! 


Where Heaven touches Earth

The amazing scenery and music are fascinating, expressing what many people have experienced in nature: amazement, respect, awe, gratitude, peace, passion…!

What a dream to stand on the summit!

It touches every heart and ignites a yearning which ascends beyond the mountain tops..

The Story of the Famous Alphorn Player

“’Useless in this world!’ This statement, which my father had spoken over my life, haunted me. Day and night, I thought about suicide…”

This is the story of the famous alphorn player Lorenz Schwarz.


Tourism in Switzerland Links


The official website of Swiss Tourism. Find out all you ever wanted to know about Switzerland.

Discover Switzerland

Information portal with comprehensive information about Switzerland in all of its diversity.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

1,600 kilometers – 22 lakes – 5 Alpine passes
13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – numerous sights

In Your Language

These websites in your own language can help you in your journey of faith. They have all been made available by partners we trust, so we encourage you to visit these sites.

Watch the Life of Jesus Christ

Watch a portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ through the perspective of one of his closest friends, John. This LUMO movie depicts the Gospel of John, using only the Biblical text as a script!

Encouraging Topics for Your Soul

Taking breaks is healthy! Treat yourself to a time-out and discover that “God loves you.” Linger over the words that touch your heart. Soak in God’s thoughts as if they were essential vitamins for your soul.

Talking About Jesus and Faith Together

Discover more about Jesus and faith. Ask a question. Find an answer.

Best Apps for Your Time in Switzerland

While you’re on vacation, why not take a look at the most translated book in the world: the Bible? Or ask yourself the question, “Who is Jesus?” Here are some apps to help you get started.


Hear, see, and share the Word of God like never before – for free.

The Chosen

This is the story of Jesus. This is the story of hope for mankind. This is the greatest story ever told.

Bible App for Kids

Interact with the Bible and see it come to life. Get a free Bible for your smartphone, tablet, and computer.


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